• MAY 24, 2017

Broadcast & Interview: Muzak for the Observant, CITR FM – Vancouver, CA

  • MAY 27, 2017

Curator: Game of Drones @ Red Gate Revue Stage – Vancouver, CA
   Quiet City & Vancouver New Music present a 12-hour continuous drone relay by 47 musicians

  • JUNE 10, 2017

Curator: Quiet City #34 @ Selectors Records – Vancouver, CA
   Roarke Menzies (USA), Samson Stilwell (USA)

  • JULY & AUGUST, 2017

Group Exhibition: FILE Hipersônica, FIESP Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center – São Paulo, BR

  • AUGUST 13, 2017

Curator: Quiet City #35 @ Red Gate Revue Stage – Vancouver, CA
   High Plains (CA/USA), Wild Card (USA)

  • AUGUST 15, 2017

Live Performance: The Lido – Vancouver, CA
   Collaboration with Atlanteans, artists-in-residence for the month of August

  • SEPTEMBER 1, 2017

Live Performance: Digital Carnival, Richmond World Festival – Richmond, CA
   Eye of the Storm A/V presentation with C130 Films



  • 2017

Broadcast: Kunstradio, Österreichische Rundfunk – Vienna, AT
Broadcast: 230 Volt, Concertzender Nederland – Utrecht, NL
Broadcast: Staalplaat, DFM – Amsterdam, NL
Broadcast: Radio Presque Rien, WXOX – Louisville, USA
Broadcast: The Owls Are Not What They Seem, CFCR – Saskatoon, CA
Broadcast: Audio Osmosis, CFUV FM – Victoria, CA
Broadcast: 24 Hours of Radio Art, CITR FM – Vancouver, CA
Group Exhibition: Sacred Spaces, Cities & Memory – Oxford, UK

  • 2016

Broadcast: Ears Have Ears, FBi Radio – Alexandria, AU
Broadcast: The Music Makers, Radio Universidade de Coimbra – Coimbra, PT
Broadcast: The Recognition Test, Unexplained Sounds – Naples, IT
Broadcast: Echolocation @ Wave Farm Media Arts, WGXC FM – Acra, USA
Broadcast & Interview: Saskatchewan Weekend, CBC Radio One – Regina, CA
Group Exhibition: Skálar Centre for Sound Art & Experimental Music – Seydisfjördur, IS
Group Exhibition: Other Kinds of Sound Environments, Aksioma Project Space – Ljubljana, SI
Group Exhibition: Audio Postcards, Canadian Association for Sound Ecology – Toronto, CA
Group Exhibition: Ambient Relaxation Lounge, The Ministry of Casual Living – Victoria, CA



  • 2015

Residency: New Adventures in Sound Art – Toronto, CA
Artist Talk: Soundhackers #17, New Adventures in Sound Art – Toronto, CA
Group Exhibition: GR/JP @ Het Nutshuis – Den Haag, NL
Group Exhibition: Sound | Place @ St. James Hatcham Church, Goldsmiths University – London, UK
Group Exhibition: INTER- #2 @ Stereo – Glasgow, UK

  • 2014

Residency: Sounding Paths @ Syros Sound Meetings – Ano Syros, GR
Audio Installation: Syros Sound Meetings @ Old Jesuit Monastery – Ano Syros, GR
Video Screening: Triple Bath Festival @ Anamesa – Athens, GR
Group Exhibition: Soundry Postcards – Soundry Creative Listening Laboratory – London, UK

  • 2013

Residency: Tin Can Studio @ Chinatown Night Market – Vancouver, CA
Curator: The Audible Unconscious, Sound Thinking Symposium @ Surrey Art Gallery – Surrey, CA
Group Exhibition: Pioneer Sound Lab – Global Sounds, Tokyo Phonographers Union – Tokyo, JP
Group Exhibition: Port Électronique, Melting Code Festival d’Arts Numériques – Bordeaux, FR
Group Exhibition: 60×60 Dance, Al Green Theatre – Toronto, CA

  • 2012

Group Exhibition: Sublimation @ Galerie Oboro – Montréal, CA
Audio Installation: Baba Festival di Arti Eccentriche e Culture Esplose – Rome, IT
Audio Screening: Kinokophonography @ MadLab – Manchester, UK
Audio Screening: Radio Spaces @ Galerie Tranzit – Prague, CZ

  • 2011

Residency: Mamori Art Lab Sound Project – Amazonas, BR
Curator: Hlysnan @ SoundFjord Gallery – London, UK
Broadcast: Movimentando a Orla @ Fábrica de Sonhos, MTV Brazil – São Paulo, BR
Group Exhibition: Re/Flux @ Institute of Contemporary Arts – London, UK
Group Exhibition: Behind Closed Doors @ Stian [Con]temporary Art Gallery – Kölleröd, SE
Group Exhibition: Radiauteur @ Clandestino Festival – Göteborg, SE
Group Exhibition: PNEM Sound Art Festival – Uden, NL
Group Exhibition: Noises In The Void – Barcelona, ES
Group Exhibition: AIR/EAR – San Justo, AR